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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tutorial: Sugar Frosted Fruit

Thinking about decorating a cake with fruit? Or perhaps making a centerpiece? Sugar frosting adds a little something special, and it is oh-so-easy to do!

Like the chocolate bowl? It's also super easy to do. Check out the tutorial here.

What you'll need:
Firm, fresh fruit. I used berries to decorate a cake, but apples and pears would make a stunning centerpiece.
Honey (and a small dish to put it in) and a decorating brush. You may also use a light-colored jam, such as apricot, in place of the honey.
Granulated sugar (and a second small dish). Many people suggest using super fine or caster sugar, but I found that regular granulated sugar worked well for me.
Here's what you do:

1) Using decorating brush, apply a thin,even coat of honey (or jam) all around the fruit. If you use too much, the sugar will melt into it and you will lose the crystallized effect. You will still get a very sparkly glaze, which look you might opt for anyway.
2) Roll honey-covered fruit in sugar until evenly coated.
3) Repeat for remaining fruit.
4) Put on display and wow your guests with a fancy sugar-frosted fruit display. It'll be our little secret just how easy this was!

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