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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Etsy: Braided Pigtail Hat

A great option for little babies and girls with short hair, this clever take on an earflap hat has braided pigtails instead of braids on the ends of the earflaps. All the colors are completely customizable and you can order short braids (like in the picture) or long braids.

Etsy listing

Etsy: Dog Hat

This is a perfect hat for any dog lover and features long hound dog ears instead of earflaps. It's cute and whimsical without being overly cartoonish, which makes it more popular with teens and adults.

Etsy listing

Etsy: Puppy Hat

I made this to match my daughter's favorite stuffed animal and just love how cute and playful it turned out. I can make it in any color combination.

Etsy listing

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vintage Yarn for Sale

I have all this beautiful vintage yarn (mostly fingering weight mohair and alpaca yarns) sitting in bins in my shed because I just don't have the time to do anything with them. Since we're thinking of moving in the next six months, I figured I better start trying to find a new home for all of it. Send me an email if you would like to purchase any of this yarn (we can go through Etsy if you want to) or if you want to see more pictures of any of the yarn. There are special prices if you buy all the balls of a certain type of yarn. Otherwise, if you buy 1-10, they are $5 each; if you buy 11-20, they are $4.50 each; if you buy 21-30, they are $4 each; if you buy 31-50, they are $3.50 each; if you buy over 50, they are $3 each. If you are absolutely crazy about yarn (like I am) and are interested in buying everything, it would be $300 (that's about $1.50 each!). If you need me to ship it to you, the cost will be determined by how much you buy. (If you buy multiple lots of yarn and the per item cost is less than the total of the lot prices, I will give you the lower cost.)

*Prices are negotiable, this was just a starting point to give people an idea*

These are the categories: pure silk, pure wool, pure mohair, cashmere and lambswool, mohair blends, mohair and wool, wool blends, alpaca blends, cotton blends, synthetic yarns, and discount (these have no label and I am not sure what type of yarn they are, but both are still soft and unused).

Silk (Unger brand)
100% Silk
3/4oz, 135 yards, Color 2 Aqua, Dye Lot E7993
4 balls: $14 for all 4
French Wool (Botany brand)
100% Virgin Wool
1 oz, Color 502 (pink)
1 ball: $4 for 1
French Wool (Botany brand)
100% Virgin Wool
1 oz, (red)
1 ball: $3 for 1 (discount for no label)
French Wool (Botany brand)
100% Virgin Wool
1 oz, (off white)
1 ball: $3 for 1 (discount for no label)
French Mohair (Nomotta brand)
100% Pure Mohair
1 oz/250 yards, Color 7602, Dye Lot 1
7 balls: $21 for all 7
Italian Mohair (Pauline Denham Yarns)
100% Mohair
3 balls: $12 for all 3
English Cashmere Laine (Bernat brand)
50% Finest Tibetan Cashmere/50% Geelong Lambswool
1/2oz, 100 yards, Color 3733 Scarlet
14 balls: $33 for 14 balls
English Cashmere Laine (Bernat brand)
50% Finest Tibetan Cashmere/50% Geelong Lambswool
1/2oz, 100 yards, Color 3727 Blossom Pink
15 balls: $34.50 for 15 balls
French Mohair (Reynolds brand)
85% Mohair/15% Vinyan
40g, Color 8, Dye Lot F6943
9 balls: $27 for all 9

French Mohair (Reynolds brand)
85% Mohair/15% Vinyan
38 g, Color 15, Dye Lot 8826
10 balls: $30 for all 10
Mohair (Spinnerin brand)
67% Mohair/33% Orlon
1 oz/28.4g, Color 125, Dye Lot 6092
8 balls: $24 for all 8

Mohair (Pauline Denham Yarns)
88% Mohair/12% Nylon
1 oz/145 yards, Color 501 White, Dye Lot 566
5 balls: $17.50 for all 5
Mohair (Pauline Denham Yarns)
88% Mohair/12% Nylon
1 oz/145 yards, Color 519 Colony Blue, Dye Lot 555
1 ball: $4 for 1
Swiss Acrylic/Mohair (Lang brand)
87% Acryl/13% Mohair
40 g, Color 1: 2681 (raspberry), Color 2: 2686 (burgundy)
10 balls of each color: $30 for all 10
English Mohair (Fleece Gold brand)
76% Mohair/20% Wool/4% Nylon
1 oz, Color 58, Dye Lot 2
1 ball: $4 for 1
Mohairlaine (Bernat brand)
62% Mohair/19% Virgin Wool/19% Nylon
1 oz, color 7542 White
9 balls: $27 for all 9
Mohairlaine (Bernat brand)
62% Mohair/19% Virgin Wool/19% Nylon
1 oz, color 7518 Eggshell
16 balls: $36 for all 16
Mohairlaine (Bernat brand)
62% Mohair/19% Virgin Wool/ 19% Nylon
1 oz, Color 7527 Peach Blossom
7 balls: $21 for all 7

French Wool (Chanteleine brand)
78% Wool/24% Mohair
50g/148 yards
2 balls: $8 for both
Wool/Mohair (Ayr Scotch Wools)
65% Wool/35% Kid Mohair
1 oz, Color Flowering Currant, Dye Lot 320
1 ball: $4 for 1
Wool/Mohair (Ayr Scotch Wools)
65% Wool/35% Kid Mohair
1 oz, Color Sabrina, Dye Lot 319
8 balls: $24 for all 8
Wool/Rayon blend (Pauline Denham Yarns)
69% Wool/31% Rayon
3/4oz, Color 148 Pink, Dye Lot 81781
5 balls: $17.50 for all 5
Italian Alpaca (Bucilla brand)
60% Alpaca/40% Acrylic
28 g/1 oz, Color 8 (peach), Dye Lot 336
3 balls: $12 for all 3

Italian Alpaca (Bucilla brand)
60% Alpaca/40% Acrylic
28g/1oz, Color 2, Dye Lot 583
12 balls: $30 for all 12
(West) German Cotton Chenille (Crystal Palace Yarns)
70% Cotton/30% Rayon
1.75oz/120 yards, Color 411, Dye Lot 1610
2 balls: $8 for all 2
Rayon/Cotton blend (Pauline Denham Yarns)
60.7% Rayon/39.3% Cotton
1 oz/140 yards, Color 807 Lt Blue, Dye Lot 2025C
6 balls: $21 for all 6
Acrylic (Fleishers brand)
100% DuPont Acrylic
1 oz, Color 108
4 balls: $14 for all 4

Acrylic Chenille (Patons brand)
100% Acrylic
Color 8496, Dye Lot 02
1 ball: $4 for 1
Sparkling Nylon (Fleishers brand)
50% Grilon/40% Acrylic/10% Vinyon
40 g, Color 139
3 balls: $12 for all 3
Mohair? (no label)
light peach color
2 balls: $5 for all 2 (discount because of no label)
Wool? (no label)
8 balls: $16 for all 8 (discount for no label)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Etsy: Angel Baby Necklace Pendant

As my friend is approaching her daughter's first angelversary, I wanted to make something special for her. I know everybody handles grief differently, but I wanted to offer a small, affordable way for other moms like me to carry the memory of their child close to their heart. I designed the pendant to be two tiny feet that look like wings, to represent the little angels. Each pendant is personalized with the baby's initials and a heart in the color of their birthstone.

Angel Baby Necklace Pendant

Etsy: Fuzzy Panda Pattern

I finally got caught up with all my Halloween orders and had a chance to write up another pattern! This panda hat is one of my favorites, and I'm hoping other people are just as eager to make one!

Etsy listing ($5)
Ravelry listing ($4.99)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Etsy: Flowered Scallop Hat

I absolutely love the way this little hat worked out! The scallop stitching gave it a very dainty, feminine look. The flowers and feathers are on a clip, so they can be removed and worn on the hair when it is too hot for a hat. These are absolutely perfect for newborn photo shoots!

Buy one here!

Etsy: Minion Hat Pattern

Since the Minion hat proved to be such a good seller, I wrote up the pattern to offer for sale as well. It includes sizes 0-3 month, 3-6 month, 6-12 month, 1-3 year, 3-6 year, and 6-12 year. I will be adding adult sizes soon as well. It also includes instructions for how to make it with one eye, as well as with two, and instructions for doing both hairstyles.

Find the pattern listing here

Etsy: Minion Hat

My husband has proven to be a great creative partner in my crocheting ventures. He helps me when I have trouble figuring out proportions or placement, and he gives me great suggestions. When I was trying to decide on a new hat to work up, he told me I should make a Minion hat (from Despicable Me). This ended up being one of my biggest Halloween sellers! I let customers choose if they want one eye or two, and if they want the hair all piled together in the middle, or spread out in short spikes. I offer them in child sizes and in adult sizes.

Etsy: Mickey and Minnie Pattern

It's no surprise that hat orders start slowing down as the weather warms up, so I didn't bring any yarn with me this summer. But I was pleasantly surprised to get several orders for Mickey Mouse hats, despite the warm weather. I guess they're just that cute! Well, hubby had a brilliant idea that I should write up more of my original patterns and offer them on Etsy as well. So I decided to start with the Mickey and Minnie hat patterns, since they are popular all year around. I offer them for $5 each, or $7 total if you buy both together.

Pattern listing here

Back to Business

It has been so long since I last posted! We spent the summer in California for an internship, and didn't have internet at the house we were renting, so I never got around to updating anything. We've been back for about a month and it has been one hectic week after another. My Halloween hat orders are finally slowing down, so I figured it would be a good time to get back on here and update things. In addition to some new items (which I will blog about after this) I got my first order to Japan! I'm pretty stoked to be able to call myself an international and overseas seller. My little business has really been doing well. And since all my earnings go into my work/hobby fund, I was even able to buy a new chromebook this month! (My laptop got stolen last Christmas, and I have been stuck using a really clunky old one until now.)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer Sunhat

The newest item in my Etsy shop, this soft cotton hat creates cooling shade for your little one. And of course, nothing would be complete without a flower or a bow. In this case, the hat comes with one of each, and they attach with a snap! So whatever mood your little darling is in, you'll have the perfect sunhat for her. You can choose the colors you want too!

See listing here

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tutu Headbands

Just added this sweet and feminine headband to my Etsy shop! Whether it's for a little girl who wants to be a fairy princess, or a woman who wants to be fresh and flirty, this headband is sure to add some flair to any outfit. Pick the color(s) you want, and get a discount if you order 5 or more!

Order here

Thursday, April 25, 2013

United Hearts Necklace Pendant

I decided to try my hand at jewelry making and came up with this heart pendant. It's dainty and feminine, and totally my style! The birthstones are customizable to represent the birthstones of a couple, and birthstones for children can be added upon request. I used silver wire and Swarovski crystals.

See my Etsy listing here

Thursday, April 18, 2013

DIY Card Kits

Summer is a great time to take a break from crochet and work on some paper crafts! These card kits available in my Etsy shop provide you with enough pieces to make three handmade cards. You can pick the color scheme and the greeting phrases. Then arrange the pieces any way you want (or look through my pictures for some ideas). Perfect for adding a handmade touch even if you don't have all the supplies or time to start from scratch.

Order a kit (or two) today!

Barefoot Sandals

With a change in seasons comes a change in projects. People just aren't interested in crocheted hats when it's warm outside (imagine that). So here is my warm-weather-friendly crochet item: barefoot sandals! Available in my Etsy shop with beads or interchangeable flowers (which attach with high quality KAM snaps). I love wearing them when I take the kids outside for a picnic. They're also really great for little babies that have a hard time keeping shoes on, or are learning to walk and you don't want them slipping. I have a special listing for baby blessings/baptisms/christenings. I love being able to dress up my little baby even if she won't keep shoes on her feet. The best part is that the tie straps are adjustable, so they can grow with kids!

Baby blessing sandals
Infant/toddler flower sandals

Women's flower sandals

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tutorial: $2 Quilted Name Board


This is a super cute way to decorate a wall, and it's so affordable -- like under $2 affordable! The first time I did this, I just used the side of a cardboard box, and it ended up warping because of the Mod Podge. So this time I used foam core (I got this 20"x30" board for about $1.50). Then you need at least 5 sheets of 12"x12" scrapbooking paper. I used 9 so that I could get more patterns on here (and it made enough squares to cover two of these, since I have two daughters). When I do projects like this, I love to use paper from a paper stack because the colors are already perfectly coordinated. These sheets came from a giant 360-sheet stack, which I got for $10 during a sale at JoAnn's. So each sheet cost a little less than 3 cents. 9 sheets comes to 25 cents, and this is enough to cover two boards. Plus, I made my own Mod Podge: combine 1 part white glue and 1 part water in a clean glass jar with a lid; shake until it is evenly combined, and voila! It cost less than a dollar and I had so much leftover.

Cut each patterned sheet into two 6"x6" squares, three 4"x4" squares, and six 2"x2" squares. To cover the 20"x30" board, you need nine 6" squares, thirteen 4" squares, and seventeen 2" squares. I like to distress the edges of each square with an ink pad, because I love the added depth and texture it gives.
I start in the top corner and lay out the squares, making sure not to have two squares of the same pattern touching. Then I take a picture so I can remember where to put them with the Mod Podge.
Starting in the top left corner, I applied a thin layer of homemade Mod Podge to the board -- enough for one square. Then I apply the paper. Smooth across, then down, always working away from the starting corner. This will help avoid wrinkles and air bubbles. I slowly work my way down and across, applying Mod Podge for just a couple squares at a time. It takes a while, but try to be precise. I did end up with a fairly large gap in the top right. If you are like me and cut the squares slightly off, you may need to trim the edges around the board. I also re-distressed the paper along the edges of the board to make it look more finished.
Next, I cut out letters for my daughter's name. I used two sheets (well, one whole sheet and half of two other sheets). One of my weird, useful, but non-marketable talents is being able to write letters backwards. If this is not your forte, you can write the letter on a plain piece of paper, or even print out a font that you like. Cut out the letter, turn it backwards, and trace it on to the white side of the scrapbooking paper. When you cut it out, you will have perfect letters showing the pattern. I also distressed the edges of the letters (I used red for the squares, and white on the letters, to give it more contrast).
Then I wrote out her middle name in cursive (this took two sheets). You can do the same method as before, just using script letters, or print if you want. I inked the edges (in red). To attach the letters, I spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on the under side of the letters, one at a time, and applied it to the board, starting on one side and working to the other to avoid wrinkles. For the cursive, I started applied Mod Podge one letter at a time, being careful not to crease the paper when lifting the remaining letters.
Once everything is dry, use Command Velcro Strips for a no-damage way to hang this from the wall!