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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Recipe: Turkey-Spinach-Mushroom Omelet

Okay, first of all, I can't make omelets. They always fall apart. So this is actually a picture of a scramble. Not as pretty, but still delicious! Anyway, I started the South Beach diet on Monday. That means severely limited carbs for the first two weeks. It's a lifestyle change, but I am managing to find delicious ways to satisfy my hunger while sticking to the diet. This is what I had for breakfast (Phase 1 friendly), and it was super filling too!

1/2 C mushroom slices
2 slices lowfat turkey, chopped
crushed red pepper (optional)
2 cups (loosely packed) spinach
3 medium eggs
1/4 C lowfat mozzarella cheese
fresh cracked pepper (optional)

In a dry, nonstick skillet, heat mushroom and turkey until mushrooms start to soften, stirring frequently. Season with crushed red pepper (I added about 1/4 tsp) and add spinach. Continue to stir and cook until spinach wilts. Remove to plate. Add 3 eggs to pan (if you're like me, just scramble them, otherwise make them into an omelet). When eggs are almost cooked, add turkey and vegetables back in. Serve on a plate, top with cheese and pepper.

I couldn't taste the mozzarella as well as I'd hoped. I really think swiss would offer a much better taste. But I didn't have any lowfat swiss on hand (cheeses have to be lowfat during Phase 1 of South Beach).

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