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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pattern: Baby Armwarmers

I made up the pattern for the armwarmers, so I'm trying to remember what I did. I think I started with ch40 and joined in a ring with a slst. Then I did a row of hdc. I did three rows (I think) with 3sc, 2fpdc repeated around. On the fourth row, I did a twisted fpdc (3sc, fpdc in 2nd fpdc of previous row, fpdc in 1st fpdc of previous row) around. I did this until it was half the length I wanted to end with. Then I worked 8 rows where I did one sc2tog per row (in the first 3sc space on the first row; in the second 3sc space on the second row; until the 8th row results in 2sc, 2fpdc, all the way around). Then I made a scalloped edge by doing a ch6 (I think) and a slst every 4 stitches. When I put it on her, I put her thumb through one of the holes, because I thought it looked more chic that way. I don't remember how I made the slippers... sorry!

**Update: Well, now that I'm actually writing patterns, this looks pretty sad... I'll try to spruce it up. Oh, and figure out what size hook I used and what weight of yarn :)

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